Virtual Server Overview

Virtual Server hosting is the most popular type of web hosting on the Internet today. Virtual server hosting is popular because it is an effective and inexpensive way to get your web site hosted on a fast server with a high speed, dedicated Internet connection. Teztech's virtual servers are fast, reliable and inexpensive.

With virtual server hosting, your web site is physically located on the same server hardware along with other web sites. This allows the costs of the server and its management to be shared by multiple customers. Your web site is a "virtual server" because, to your web site's visitors, you appear to have a dedicated server, complete with your own domain name ( and email addresses (

Teztech's virtual server plans include all the important features most web sites need. However, if you need exact control over the software and configuration of your web server, you might want to consider a Dedicated Server or Co-located Server

The following links will provide you with in-dept information about our Virtual Server hosting service.