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How do I import and copy onto my web site?

Pick and Choose

You can get the text and some of the formatting with copy and paste. If you don't want any formatting, sometimes pasting into Notepad, then copy and paste from Notepad into your web editing program will get you just plain text. Copying styles and images are harder. For images, save the image to a temporary folder on your hard drive. Often, this can be done by right clicking on the image, then choosing "Save Picture As". Once you have the image in a temporary folder on your hard drive, (re)insert them into your page with your web editing program. Merging CSS styles into an existing page generally requires low level HTML editing.

Copy Entire Pages and Web Sites

There are some web editing programs, like FrontPage that will allow you to copy an entire page or site with all images and styles intact. In FrontPage, open the web site (or a folder that contains all the content files) you want to copy from. Next, launch a new instance of FrontPage and the web site (or folder) you want to copy to. Now you can drag and drop files, folders and content between the two copies of FrontPage.

If you are comfortable with the command prompt, there are command line tools to copy web sites. One tool I have used to download pages and images is called wget. wget can also make small changes to convert non-relative links into relative links. wget is a free, open source tool that is commonly available on Linux systems. There are also Windows versions if you are determined. See for more information.


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