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How do I sent or receive an email bigger than 10MB?

There is a limit of 10MB on any message passed through our mail servers. It is a server wide setting and cannot be adjusted per user. This is a pretty big limit as far as Internet email servers go so often the problem will be on the other person's email server instead of ours. The 10MB limit is there to protect our email servers against problems that can happen with bigger messages.

If you need to send a file bigger than 10MB, I suggest that you find a different way to send the file. For users in the same office, you can save the file on a file server. If the file has to go across the Internet, use a web site application (ask our support staff for suggestions) or FTP server. For scanned documents, if the content of the documents is mostly text, you might want to try a few different scanning programs. Some programs create much smaller files for scanned text documents than others.


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