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How do I configure Outlook Express?


Most Teztech customers use POP3 mailboxes on Teztech's mail servers. To use a POP3 mailbox, it is necessary to configure POP3 client software on your computer. Generally, to configure POP3 client software, you enter these settings:

  • An email address: Typically, this will be
  • A username given to you by your administrator (or created in the control panel if you are the administrator).
  • A password
  • The POP3 server name. Typically, this will be
  • The SMTP server name. Typically, this will be
  • Enable SMTP authentication

The instructions below provide explicit instructions to configure Microsoft Outlook Express as a POP3 client to access your POP3 mailbox on Teztech's mail server.

Outlook Express Configuration

Start Outlook Express. Go to the Tools menu, then choose Accounts:

The Internet Accounts screen appears:

To add a new account, click Add, then select Mail. The Internet Connection Wizard begins:

In Display Name, enter your name as you wish it to appear in emails you send. Spelling and punctuation is not important for email to work correctly. Click Next and the next Wizard screen appears:

In E-mail address, enter your email address. Click Next and the next Wizard screen appears:

In Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server, enter, where is your web site's domain name. In Outgoing (SMTP) mail server, enter, where is your web site's domain name. Click Next and the next Wizard screen appears:

In Account name, enter your mailbox username (given to you by your administrator or configured in the email Control Panel). In Password, enter your password. Check Remember password if you want Outlook Express to remember your password. When this box is not checked, you will have to reenter your password each time you start Outlook Express. As shown above, do NOT check Log on using Secure Password  Authentication (SPA). Click Next and the Congratulations screen appears:

Click Finish to complete the wizard, but we're not finished yet! After you click Finish, you are returned to the Internet Accounts screen with your new account highlighted:

Click Properties and the Account Properties screen appears:

Select the Servers tab:

Then, as shown above, check My server requires authentication. You do not need to click the Settings button or configure any addition settings. Click OK to return to the Internet Accounts screen:

Click Close on the Internet Accounts screen and your new account setup is complete.


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